Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Copic Hair Color 1...

Hey everyone Heather here from Heather's Hobbie Haven.
I'm sure you've seen my color swatches floating around on Pinterest.
Well Christine tracked me down 
and asked if I could do some Copic Marker color swatches for The Paper Nest Blog using her paper dolls. And here I am.

I Updated Both Avery Color Sheets.
She is now Larger and can be cut to fit 3 x 4 Snap Pockets!
Yes I colored up a sheet of the others and cut part of her hair off so had to revamp.

I currently keep my color swatches in a Sn@p Album.
That way I can move them around
and keep all the same hair colors together.
I'm OCD about it.
Or you could also cut the page into 6 and use a ring in the corner to hold it together.
Or keep the pages in a 3 ring binder.
It's totally up to you.

Since I'm blonde I thought our very first hair color could be to.
I color from dark to light, but if you color from light to dark that's great to.
Just reverse the color order.

The order I colored her hair:


I hope you enjoy making your very own swatches with me.
If you have a favorite hair color feel free to share it.
I can always use more colors.

Thanks for joining me today.
I'll see you again next Tuesday.
Have a fabulous day!


  1. Welcome Heather !! We are thrilled to have you as our weekly guest . Love everything ! =)

  2. what a lovely tutorial heather .. will be printed one of these off and colouring it up for my collection x hugs jane x

  3. loved the tutorial.... you did a great job showing us your technique. Can't wait until next weeks class. thanks Heather

  4. Welcome Heather...I have watched all your videos at Heather's Hobbie Haven and look forward to watching them here as well.

  5. Welcome Heather! I love this tutorial. I can't wait to watch your next tutorial.

  6. OK, now I color he same way, but why doesn't mine look like that?! haha! GREAT tutorial, Heather, and what an amazing Copic colorer!!!

  7. Super tutorial Heather and fabulous to see Avery as your little model :)

  8. Great tutorial!! I loved the video, and can`t wait to check out the next one. Your blog is now listed in my favourite section:-)

    Hugs Eva

  9. Oh my gosh I just realized that I got so excited when you posted this I went to the video and downloaded the page and totally forgot my manners.
    Thank you so very much for the tutorial. I have been wanting to learn how to shade my girls and this is just what I needed. I'm a visual person so the video is so helpful.
    Thanks so much!


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