Friday, November 1, 2013

Some new SWEET Stamps !

I am excited to share some new images with you today. Hope you love them as much I do =)

Lollipop Ellie 

Cupcake Ellie

Posh Princess

Princess Avery w/ Frog
and Ice Cream Amara ! ( part of our new " Friends of Dolls" collection ! )

Now here are some colored samples and cards for you to enjoy! 


  1. totally in love with Becky's card, but everything else is also beauuuuuutiful!

  2. Oh wow... hun these are fabulous!!

    Truly beautiful images and they have been brought to life wonderfully.


    1. Thanks Karen ! My website is is having issues now, so they aren't in store yet . Grrr! But if you want any let me know , I'll do them for $2 today. ! :)


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