Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christmas Flower Ellie

I know...I's October and we still have other Holidays to celebrate 
before Christmas but...some people celebrate Christmas all year round
so this is for them.  :)  I mentioned with my last Christmas card post that I
decorate in Pinks so I thought I would show you how cute those colors work.
I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas! I hope you are!
This card is called a gate fold but mine overlaps a bit.
The wreath is made from a Martha Stewart punch with many layers.  
Yes, I did some stitching again.  I really will put my sewing machine to
use on fabric soon and very soon.  
I think you could color Christmas Flower Ellie in
any color and she would look fabulous!  I adore her heart
pockets and her shoes too.  What do you think?  Pink Christmas?
Thanks for looking in!

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  1. Wow!! amazing hop!! I love the beautiful pink used on this card!! Lovely!!


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