Friday, September 30, 2022

Are you afraid of vampires? I am!!!!


Everyone should be afraid of Vampires!  But not Vampire Owen.  Owen is the sweetest and cutest vampire, and he lives for chocolate!  Look at that face!  Hims little fangs are not even big enough to harm any living creature.

Owen is posing in the back yard which just so happens to be against the woods where he plays often; it just looks scary on Halloween Night.  I hope he fills his pumpkin full of chocolate to share with his Mummy.

Owen is one of the youngest children of the Paper Nest Dolls family.  He helps his mommy a lot, getting ready for weekend stamp shows.  He really is a sweetie.

Do you know something?  I was so into coloring this that I didn't keep track of my colors.  It has been a while; I just need to get back in the swing.

Thanks for reading today's post and all about sweet little Vampire Owen.  You can find him at Paper Nest Dolls in the digital section.

Rhea Weigand


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