Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Copic Hair Color 7 & Skin Tone 6...

Hey everyone Heather here from Heather's Hobbie Haven.
I have a new hair color for you.
More blonde this week.
I color from dark to light, but if you color from light to dark that’s great to.
Just reverse the color order.

The Paper Nest Dolls - Copic Hair Color

I used Copic Markers
The order I colored her hair.


For the Color Sheet and How to Video see
Hair Post 1.

When coloring this skin tone use the E17 very lightly on the outside.

The Paper Nest Dolls - Copic Skin Tone

The order I colored her skin:



For the Emma Color Sheet see Copic Hair Color 2 & Skin Tone 1 post.
You can see how I color skin in the Copic Hair Color 1 post.

I hope your having fun coloring with me.
Don't get behind!
See you next week.

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  1. lovely as always Heather thank you so much. You are making me soo that I need so many more copics lol ;)


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