Monday, April 1, 2019

Fairytales 2019...........

Eeeeeek!!!!! Finalllllly I can show you these adorable  images !!! I've worked on these for months, and I LOVEEEE them! I hope you do too, can't wait to see your comments. 
Enjoyyyyyyyy! xx

Introducing........Fairytales 2019

Ice Princess & Princess w/ Glass Slipper

Sleeping Princess & Princess w/ Apple

Indian Princess & Arabian Princess 

Princess w/ Frog & Tower Princess 

Princess w/ Rose & Fairy Princess 

Polynesian Princess & Brave Princess 

Avery with Bear & Riding Hood 

and we couldn't forget Prince Charming!!! <3

and last, but not least............Mermaid Princess !!!!! 
She is at the end because she is the only image NOT ready to ship just yet. I will have her available in a week. 

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